Southern Justice - Season 1 Episode 8

An insight at the work of law enforcement agencies in Sullivan County, TN and Ashe County, NC.

Genre: Reality

Country: USA

Episode: 8/29 eps

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2014

IMDb: 7.3

Season 1 - Southern Justice
"In Sullivan County, TN, deputies are on the hunt for a man who allegedly assaulted his girlfriend and a father under the influence of a designer drug known as \"bath salts\", and his erratic behavior makes for a difficult arrest."
"Sullivan County, TN and Ashe County, NC in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Appalachia have their share of hardships. Law enforcement takes a \"tough love\" approach to end local crime brought on by methamphetamine and prescription drug addiction."
"A dangerous manhunt in Sullivan County, TN leads to the arrest of a man in his twenties charged with raping a woman in her seventies. In Ashe County, NC deputies work the bar scene to defuse fights."
"Within 10 days, three pharmacies are robbed of prescription painkillers. Sheriff's deputies and detectives try to determine if a single suspect is responsible for all three robberies."
"In Ashe County, North Carolina, deputies attempt to bust an alleged drug dealer. In Sullivan County, Tennessee, Deputy Sam Matney acts on a tip that residents of a home may be 'cooking' and using methamphetamine."
"Witness the raid of a suspected residential meth lab with Sullivan County, Tennessee, deputies and the narcotics team. Just across the border, in Washington County, Deputy Shull is responding to a hold-up at an adult novelty store. Then, it's fugitive apprehension day in Sullivan County! Deputies devote one day a month to finding and arresting Sullivan County's most wanted."
"In Sullivan County, Tennessee, and Ashe County, North Carolina, justice is served up Southern style. In these county correctional facilities, many of the inmates are regulars. This includes Johnny Grubb, Don Nixon and Savannah Ramey, who are all on a mission to get clean and make this their last time behind bars. Within these walls, good behavior is rewarded with increased freedoms. Johnny and Don are determined to stay out of trouble and earn trustee status"
"In Clay County, Kentucky, Sheriff Kevin Johnson and his deputies are anticipating a very busy weekend. Officers get a tipoff that leads them to a meth lab in the countryside. Also, a domestic violence case turns into a police chase on foot."
Season 2 - Southern Justice
"Southern Justice returns with a tale of three chases in Ashe County, North Carolina, and Sullivan County, Tennessee. Ashe County, NC deputies conduct a meth-maker manhunt and Sullivan County, TN deputies go on a high-speed \u201ccreek chase.\u201d"
"\"Berto,\" one of Sullivan County, Tennessee's most wanted fugitives, leads deputies on a chaotic Blue Ridge Mountain manhunt."
"Dealing with repeat offenders who have multiple DUIs, assaults and shootings."
"Deputies enter the densely forested area of Brown Hollow to search for a suspected drug offender, where the manhunt is like looking for a needle in a haystack."
"A countrywide hunt for a convicted felon in Sullivan County, Tenn. is lead by officers Travis Jackson and Jason Hite."
"Deputies in Sullivan County, Tenn., think they've seen it all until a dispatch call comes in to corral a donkey on the loose in the streets."
"Deputies deal with multiple domestic violence calls, stumbling across a wanted drug dealer in the process; summer approaches."
"Searching Sullivan County, Tenn., for a woman with a rap sheet who is now wanted for a string of household burglaries."
Season 3 - Southern Justice
"It\u2019s hunting season in the Blue Ridge Mountains. For deputies from Sullivan County, Tennessee, and Ashe County, North Carolina, that means more trouble on backwoods roads."
"A knife fight breaks out in Ashe County. Sullivan County deputies conduct a manhunt for one their most-wanted fugitives."
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Season 4 - Southern Justice
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