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The Real Housewives of Melbourne - Season 5 Episode 5

Follows the lives of six wealthy housewives of Melbourne, Australia.

Director: Scott Dunlop

Country: Australia

Episode: 5/59 eps

Duration: 44 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2014

IMDb: 4.8

Season 1 - The Real Housewives of Melbourne
Season 2 - The Real Housewives of Melbourne
"Jackie, Lydia and Chyka meet up for lunch while Janet organizes her birthday party. The housewives attend Janets birthday party and we are introduced to two new housewives, Gamble Breaux and Pettifluer Berenger."
"Pettifluer wants to buy a Bentley. Gamble trains her dog cash. Gamble is hosting a murder mystery party and has invited all the housewives. Jackie, Janet and Pettifluer try on costumes for the party and Pettifluer is being rude to the shop assistant. Gamble and Rick get engaged and announce it at her Murder Mystery Party. Janet, Chyka and Gamble meet up for lunch and Chyka brings up a conversation about rumors and Janet says that Gamble was a stripper and a call girl."
"Jackie promotes her cocktail brand, LaMascara. Jackie, Janet, Gina and Gamble attend the Chadstone fashion show. Gamble confronts Janet. Lydia learns to play poker with Shane Warne for a charity."
"Gina and Janet catch up for coffee. Gina brings up the rumors and Janet walks out. Janet invites Gamble, Jackie, Gamble and Gina for golf. Jackie and Janet go look for outfits for golf and Janet brings up the lunch with Gina. The girls go to the mornington peninsula to play golf. Jackie says that Gina will loose her golf stick, and Gina does loose her stick. Gamble and Janet call a truce."
"Chyka, Jackie and Pettifluer go for lunch and Pettifluer calls Gamble stupid. Chyka invites everyone for a dinner. Lydia comes back from Italy, where her son gets married. While Lydia tells a heart-breaking story, Gamble starts laughing. Gamble confronts Pettifluer about calling her stupid. Gamble and Janet start arguing about the rumors."
"Everyone attends the AFL Grand Final, except Gina and Jackie. Gamble invites Gina, Janet and Pettifleur to Sydney. Lydia confronts Gamble about when she laughed at the dinner. The ladies go to Sydney and attend the Billich Art Gallery. Gambles sister, Tempest confronts Janet about the rumors. Janet walks out of the Art Gallery and Gina and Gamble try to get her back in. Everyone goes for dinner and makes a pack that they don't bring up the rumors again. Gina has a few digs against Pettifluer."
"Chyka and Jackie look for a venue for Gambles hens party. Janet invites everyone to Manila. The ladies arrive at Manila. Chyka, Gamble and Gina go for lunch and talk about Pettifluer controversial book, Switch the Bitch. The housewives go for dinner and Gina and Pettifluer come to blows when Pettifluers book comes up."
"Gamble and Pettifluer has an argument when Pettifluer says that Gina is racist. Jackie and Gamble have an argument when Jackie says that Gina knew about the rumors and she said that she was going to throw the newbies under the bus. Jackie and Gina have an argument and the argument escalates and get into a screaming match. The housewives go for drinks at the hotel bar and Gamble and Petttifluer have an disagreement."
"Janet launches her tea range. Gamble and Janets friend Carlos get into an argument about the rumors. Gina launches her new shoes. Janet and Pettifluer are upset that she named a shoe about them. Jackie has a party launching her LaMascara High-Tea."
"Gamble and Rick buys a engagement ring. The housewives attend the Spring Racing Carnival. Pettifluer launches her book. Gamble and Gina confront Pettifluer about the book again. Jackie disagrees with Gamble and Gina. Gamble has her hens night. Jackie and Chyka organized strippers. Gina said to Gamble that Gambles make-up artist started about rumors. Janet and Gamble get into another argument about the rumors."
"Pettifluer and Chyka organized Pettifluers 50th birthday. Manuela, Janet and Gamble get into an argument about the rumors. Gina and Jackie gets into an argument and Jackie pushes the door and gets into a screaming match on the balcony with Gina."
"The housewives reunite to talk about the second season."
"The housewives reunite to talk about the second season."
Season 3 - The Real Housewives of Melbourne
"It's great to see all the women are back but the new girl Susie must be wondering what planet she's landed on after inviting them over for a baking day and a full on brawl ensues."
"Janet has dinner with her ex husband Brian, Gamble promotes her dress designer to wedding planner and Lydia's the hot topic of conversation when the women go horse riding."
"The ladies head to Byron for Gamble's wedding. But with wild weather threatening the beach ceremony and everyone at logger heads, it's not exactly the smoothest of wedding days."
"After an impassioned dinner in the Dubai desert that frightens the camels, the wives recover over retail therapy in the souks before heading off to another explosive group dinner."
"As Dubai recovers from the high drama that accompanied the housewives on their trip, the women return to normality back home with family. But it's a normal only they understand."
Season 4 - The Real Housewives of Melbourne
"Gable vents to Janet and Jackie about her frustrations with Gina. The ladies also debrief on new girl Venus. Later, Janet meets with hotelier and Melbourne socialite Sally Bloomfield who is interested in stocking Janet's tea in her boutique hotel and wellness centre in Bali. The two hit it off and Janet invites her to meet the rest of the ladies and her cocktail party. Gamble causes a stir at Janet's party with her carefully planned gift, which manages to offend Venus and her husband James."
"With the help of Gina, the Behbahani sisters break the emotional news to their father that Rebecca\u2019s wedding is off. Janet is quick to burst Sally\u2019s bubble when she explains the compelling new information about Venus and the photos. Jackie and Ben check out the space for Jackie\u2019s first Shine It Up event with Sally. Gable meets with ex-Taxiride front man, Jason Singh to discuss recording a song as an anniversary surprise for Rick. Jackie performs an emotional reading for Sally, and when a connection is made with Sally\u2019s late husband, she struggles to fight back the tears. Sally invites the girls to celebrate the launch of her accessories line, but things go a little pear shaped when Gamble and Venus lock horns, and Lydia stirs things up with Jackie and Janet, with one housewife storming out in tears."
"The housewives set sail for some fun in the sun on a catamaran off Cabo\u2019s coast but, beneath the calm waters, a storm is brewing between Gina and Sally. At dinner that night, the girls put their differences aside and open up about past relationships, sharing the lessons they\u2019ve learnt through heartache. But the love swiftly evaporates when Gina and Sally go head-to-head"
"Jackie takes to the stage for her debut Shine It Up show in front of 300 eager fans. Venus holds a make-up masterclass showcasing her new contouring cosmetics, and reveals her true self. In an effort to bid farewell to the ghosts currently haunting her house, Gamble invites the girls to a seance."
"Venus plans the ultimate fourth birthday party for her youngest daughter, Sophia. Jackie is the proud recipient of a great honour in her hometown of Newcastle. A nervous Gamble rehearses her surprise song for Rick, and Sally drops by for moral support. Sophia's party enchants even the most hardened housewives, but Gamble's attempt to compliment Venus backfires in her face."
"Some forms of exercise are not for everyone and Sally vows never to return after she tries her first spin class with Jackie. Gamble finally reveals her anniversary surprise for Rick and her hard work pays off as it brings him to tears. The tears continue when Sally and her extended family scatter her husband Ian\u2019s ashes. Lydia hosts a dinner for the girls and the night descends into chaos after Lydia attempts to say a few words about each of the girls."
Season 5 - The Real Housewives of Melbourne
10 Oct 2021
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